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The Gossip Garden How To Guide

Post by RatchetRachel » Sun Mar 18, 2018 10:30 pm

Hello and welcome to The Gossip Garden! We’re excited you are here and recommend reading through here to get a feel for how the forum works and tips for maximizing your experience here!

First things first, we definitely recommend making sure you are familiar with the few rules we have in place to keep things running smoothly. You can find them here: viewtopic.php?f=13&t=3

If you want to set up your avatar you either need to upload a photo from your phone or computer or find an existing gif or picture on the internet. When you right click on an image from the internet it usually comes up with an option to “copy image location” and as long as it ends in something like .jpg or .gif you should be set! For example, my avatar can be found at: ... /tenor.gif

Under your user control panel, click profile, then go to edit avatar. Make sure it’s set to “remote avatar” and copy the link under “Link off-site.” The maximum dimensions are 200x200, and you can manually type this in under the avatar dimensions and it will automatically resize it. Submit and you are all set!

New Posts
You can find unread posts in a couple ways. The forums and sub forum buttons change to red when you have unread items.

You can also click the “quick links” in the upper left corner (only appears as the three lines on mobile) and select New posts or Unread posts to bring up a list of just the unread posts rather than searching the whole forum.

Ready to jump in the conversation? Great! We have a quick reply option at the bottom of every forum page or a “post reply” button as well that gives you full formatting options. Each post also has a button that allows you to “quote” the person’s post in your reply, you just start typing below the quote formatting and then post!

Have several things you want to reply to all at once? Write out a post using our @ function! This doesn’t typically work on the mobile version, you can try [ mention]username[ /mention] (without spaces inside the brackets). However, on the desktop version, simply type @ and then begin typing a username and it will pop it up for you to insert! They will be notified of your reply and it makes replying to multiple posts clean and efficient.

Inserting a Picture
While our board does have an attachment feature on posts, it does have a size limitation that often makes uploading difficult, and we do also have a cap on how much can be uploaded. A great option is to upload to an external site. Two great options are tinypic and imgur. Tinypic is especially convenient for mobile users. Remember before you upload to censor username and faces of non-Youtubers from the image! If you do not, your image will be taken down.

After you go to you will find this screen displayed. Click browse and select the file from your phone or computer you want to upload. Then hit “upload now.” It will occasionally pop up an ad and ask you to enter a word to get to the next screen.

After uploading you will get a screen that says share this image. You want the option that says IMG Code for Forums & Message Boards. This already has the link and all formatting you need to have the image appear in your post. Copy it in full, paste it in your post, and after you submit it, you will have a picture embedded!

Next option is which is more PC friendly. As soon as you arrive at the home page you see a button at the top that says new post. Click on that, select browse, and choose your photo. From there you are then given your imgur post. You can copy the link at the top or the side to put into your forum post. Imgur doesn’t format for embedding, but users can click the link you insert to view your picture.

Reporting a Post
See a post that you think violates the rules we mentioned earlier? There is a button on every post with an exclamation point on it that allows you to report the post. You can explain why you’re reporting the post, and this sends a message to the entire admin and moderator team. The user does not know you’ve reported the post. We will review the post, and handle accordingly. We try to stay on top of everything as best we can, but things can slip through the cracks, so don’t be afraid to report something that you think may be a problem!

And if you ever have a question or concern, you can always message anyone on the admin or moderator team for help. You can find us all listed under “The Team” on the quick links, or I’ll list our names below for reference.

@theoncomingdragons - SuperMod

Thanks for reading and happy gossiping!
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