Stan-like Behaviour

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Stan-like Behaviour

Post by Tusky » Tue Jul 24, 2018 12:38 am

Hey guys,

Lately on the garden, we've had a lot of trouble with stan behaviour, resulting in a few users being banned in the Colleen thread. Generally, we concentrate on only the Colleen thread because it's our most busy section so, to be honest, we work the hardest to keep that one problem free.

But the problem has extended to other threads too, and after some complaints, @RatchetRachel @Smashleigh @GossipGranny and I have decided to make a site-wide rule of no Stan-like behaviour.

When we refer to stan behaviour, we refer to users who argue with the majority of posts in a thread. It's one thing if you want to refute a point you think is wrong because we ALL need to be kept in check sometimes, but if you find yourself needing to defend a YTer a lot, it's probably not the thread for you. This is something we have applied to ourselves already. @RatchetRachel doesn't go in the Jenna/Julien thread because she gets mad at some of the opinions in there because she loves them. If you're not sure though please reply here or pm us and we can chat about it!

The slate is clean for absolutely everyone here as of now, but in the future, if you feel that something is moving from general debate to stan territory, please please please report the post or dm us.

Thanks guys.
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