Reactions are gone (for a week or two!)

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Reactions are gone (for a week or two!)

Post by Tusky » Fri Jun 15, 2018 7:47 am

Hi guys,

Rather than just having it in the colleen thread, I thought we better make a proper post as well.

As Y'all have probably noticed, our site had been running like garbage over the last month or so, which was super frustrating because we'd paid to upgrade the server. After a LOT of calls to our provider (ily @RatchetRachel), we discovered that our extensions could be creating too many processes in the background, which meant there was no room for users to join without lagging everything (for the less tech savvy like me, think of it like when you have too many apps open on your phone and it makes it slow down).

So our provider cleared the processes for us and suggested we try removing extensions to see which one is killing the site. The first one @Smashleigh has tried is the likes. The processes take a while to build up again, so we're leaving it for about a week, to see if it's the reactions.

If it IS the reactions, we won't be adding the heart system back, however, we have found another like system we'll try in place of it, which is similar to the proboards system.

Sorry guys, I know its frustrating, but its not permanent <3
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