Happy Birthday Gossip Garden!

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Happy Birthday Gossip Garden!

Post by Smashleigh » Fri Jun 01, 2018 4:19 am

Y'all it's been a year (and 20 days give or take) since @Tusky and I started the first Gossip Garden website on Proboards. And HOLY SHIT has it been a ride! Never did we think this little community garden would grow to be this size. The fact that over 800 people made accounts and even more than that get on the site and read and contribute everyday is astonishing! so here are my thank you's for this momentous occasion.

Thank you to Colleen Ballinger for being such a shady queent that we just all had to find a place to vent about it. You really are a huge reason why this website exists, so did something helpful for once.

Thank you our most dedicated fans, the minions, for not only checking out our site but engaging us on twitter too! Thank you for the constant reminder that we are all Grannies who don't have lives and just sit on the computer all day bitching about everything. You've not only invaded our website and twitter, but also our hearts. <3 We couldn't ask for a more dedicated fanbase than you guys.

Lol but seriously, here are some actual thank you's!

Thank you to Tusky for working so hard on this site with me, I know those first couple months were tough but I really am glad we stuck through it. You are the most dedicated person to this site and we wouldn't be where we are without you!

Thank you to @RatchetRachel for your work not only the website but with the work you and Tusky do on the podcast. You're so hard working and dedicated to making this site so much better and it never goes unnoticed.

Thank you to @GossipGranny for all your hard work with the social media and the graphic design work you do. You single handedly created our brand with the beautiful graphics on our site and other social media. You created the icon that people will know us by for years to come.

Thank you to @theoncomingdragons for stepping up and helping with not only modding the website yourself but teaching others how to handle situations also. You help take the workload off our shoulders we need that extra hand and we really appreciate it!

Thank you to all the mods @beamishly, @saltycracker, @AK713, and @Hufflepug3! We are so happy to have such dedicated mods to be there and step in when we can't. Thank you for joining our team and making the Garden a better place.

And finally just a overall thank you to every single user that contributes to the site. Whether that be posting, lurking, watching horrible videos and summarizing for those who can't stand to watch anymore or doing some bomb ass detective work you are the ones who made the website what it is today. You are the backbone of this site and we are thankful for each and every one of you (even the occasional spambot, we don't discriminate!). You some damn fine old hags!

So Happy 1st Birthday Gossip Garden! We hope there's many more to come!

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Re: Happy Birthday Gossip Garden!

Post by RatchetRachel » Fri Jun 01, 2018 1:41 pm

Owww my heart. I love this site so much, I'm so glad for everyone here and their contributions. May the gossip live forever.
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Re: Happy Birthday Gossip Garden!

Post by saltycracker » Fri Jun 01, 2018 2:39 pm

Aw this is so nice!! Thank you for your lovely words, I'm so glad the website was made and I always love reading what everyone has to say <3

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