Feedback update + Changes

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Feedback update + Changes

Post by Tusky » Wed May 09, 2018 2:57 am

Hey guys, this is gonna be long so i'm just gonna dive right into the feedback!

People are mostly happy with the rules, though there was some feedback regarding rules applying to some and not others.

- You are now allowed to discuss things that the youtuber has brought up themselves regarding personal issues/mental health etc. We still expect you to be respectful of the topic and the people you are speaking to, however, we won't be policing this so hard anymore. We will still be stepping in if it becomes argumentative, as well as if the comment is inappropriate.

The biggest written feedback we received is bannings, and that we could be a little calmer in our approach to some situations

- Warnings now only last 30 days
- Most bans will only be suspensions (so a 10-day ban). We feel this is fairer, however, if you have been banned once, you stay on your last warning.


People have been very kind regarding the mods. There is really nothing to change here. If you do have any extra feedback, you can direct it to us or theoncomingdragons

We had a big issue with the logouts, colour scheme and pins. Just as an FYI, the rules page is above every single forum.
Ratchetrachel also wrote a how-to regarding images etc. You're better off using a hosting site rather than trying to upload through us.

- Better control of pins, only 2 up maximum at a time
- You should no longer be randomly logged out of the site
- smash is changing colours to match the overall theme more


- Site server has been upgraded and we're reducing the allowed size of images. Images have been slowing our site down a LOT, so we now allow a max size of 500x500. In October we are due to upgrade the site again, we will most likely be getting a better plan for it

- Someone mentioned messy Mondays and how we should try and be a bit more like them. I think that's a really good idea, and something we'll be looking into in the future. Gossipgranny runs our twitter, so if you have any theme ideas or things to tweet, pm her

- unfortunately, we can't bring back the thanks like the old site. That was built in by proboards. We can see if we can find a different thank you system though.

Please let us know if there is anything we've missed, or you have any ideas regarding the site. We will probably run this again in October.

Also please note that smash is currently working on the site, so if some of these aren't in effect yet, they will be soon.
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