Life update...(clickbait)

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Life update...(clickbait)

Post by Tusky » Mon Dec 25, 2017 12:05 am

Hi all!

It's Christmas morning here in Aus, so we just wanted to wish you all a very merry Christmas and happy holiday.

So I just want to get gross on Y'all for a sec.

This year has been pretty wild, I never thought I'd end up cracking the shits and starting my own gossip site with smash, that people would actually follow us, and that I'd be making a freaking podcast about it by the end of the year. I couldn't have done it without @Smashleigh @ratchetrachel and @GossipGranny, who are not only people that help me with the site, but people I have become great friends with, and couldn't imagine running this site with anyone else, or not speaking to them every day. I know I can be a pain in the arse at times, but you guys all put up with me and I seriously appreciate it <3

A big thank you to @theoncomingdragons, @saltycracker and @MissLittle for moderating the site. I know there's not too much to do since we have good users, but you've made our lives a lot easier, and also double thanks to @theoncomingdragons for joining us on the podcast, even though you're a filthy Hufflepuff ;)

And thank you to all of you, not only for using the site, but being great, fun people. We genuinely enjoy all of your comments, even if we don't always eye to eye! Some of you seriously knocked it out of the park finding info, while others had us in stitches in the colleen thread. Whether you use this site as an escape from reality, or you're just here to get the goss, we really appreciate it <3

I hope we can make this community even better in 2018!

<3 Your admins

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