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Post by Tusky » Tue Oct 10, 2017 11:25 pm

User Rules:

Be respectful of each other: No flaming or attacking each other. This includes via PMs.

No Racial or Homophobic slurs: Just don’t do it. We will be leaving it to the users to police anything else. If we receive a lot of reports, or it's clear you’re using it to piss someone off, we will remove the post.

No political or religious discussion: We know everyone has an opinion, and internet debates never end well. If a YouTuber makes a particularly outlandish statement that is discussion worthy we will allow it but please be respectful of other's differing opinions.

No Shitposting: We don’t mind if a thread derails a little, so long as it's light-hearted, however, do not continuously drag a thread off topic.

No Spam Posting: Please try not to post more than once in a row. If you want to add something after you've posted (and no one has posted since), please edit your post (adding ETA: What you added). If you need to quote more than one person, mention them instead.

Post in the correct thread: Anything that is in the wrong thread will be removed.

Read through the boards: Please at least read the most current thread before you post. Some threads have a summary thread which has the main drama.

Be nice to new posters: especially if they bring up old news. Its new to them and they are excited about it.

No rude avatars: no dicks and stuff.


ALL personal information must be removed when posting images: All usernames and faces must be hidden, even if its non-identifying. This is for both adults and minors. Posts will be removed and you will have to repost with a fixed image.

NO DOXXING: No encouraging users to harass public figures. No leaking addresses and phone numbers. This will result in a ban.

PUBLIC RECORDS: Public records are ok, as long as only the vital information is posted. If you’re unsure, pm a mod or admin to look at it first. We reserve the right to remove it if we feel it's not relevant or inappropriate.

NICKNAMES: Nicknames are fine as long as they aren’t weight shaming, homophobic or racist.

CHILDREN: Absolutely NO nicknames for kids unless its something a youtuber uses themselves. If you wouldn’t call your own child that name, don’t use it on others. We don’t drag kids here. Its ok to discuss their home life and how it affects them, but no specifically attacking them. This will result in a ban.

NO: outright diagnosing someone with anorexia/obesity, addictions, and disorders of any kind. If it has been mentioned in a video (such as Kalel with OCD), you may talk about it, but be respectful.

Be sensitive when speculating the above. No dragging people for their issues, you can express concern but don’t bring it up just for the sake of it.

No weight or image shaming: No shaming people for being heavy or thin, or needlessly bashing people for their appearance. This is not gossip, it's simply bullying, and we want to be better than this on our board.

do NOT accuse anyone of being a sexual predator of any kind, even as a "joke", unless its currently being discussed in the news.

NO STAN BEHAVIOUR!! If you can't handle your fav getting critisism, you shouldn't be in the thread

Don’t be a dick to Admins and Mods: It’s totally fine to ask us about your warning or site decision, we’re not always going to get it right, but we have 0 time for those who try and argue semantics or are rude to us and will action as necessary.

Admins will never abuse their powers, however, mods and admins are within their rights to warn users if they feel the post goes against the spirit of the board and ban users depending on the severity.

All warnings last 30 days and must be approved by all 4 admins. Bans are permanent unless otherwise stated, and the reasoning will be posted for you to see.
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